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BERS Pro V4.3.0.1 (3.13)

What is BERS Pro V4.3.0.1 (3.13) & why do we use it

BERS Pro V4.3 is a simulation software program developed to rate residential buildings in Australia to the highest currently available accuracy.

Energy efficient homes decreases our carbon footprint and provides yearly savings on heating and cooling costs.

BERS Pro tools which enable designers and builders to analyse, measure and compare energy efficient design options is vital to achieving effective results.

BERS Pro calculates hourly temperatures and heating and cooling energy requirements in a multi-zone dwelling.

It provides significant improvements over previous software, including better modelling of:

  • natural ventilation and roof space
  • user-defined constructions
  • sub-floor spaces
  • skylights and horizontal reflective air gaps
  • extra climatic zones.
  • simulations to achieve the lowest cost options

It is used to calculate the annual totals of hourly heating and cooling energy requirement for residential buildings.

A star rating is given .The star rating – from 0 to 10 stars – is based on the sum of the annual heating and cooling requirements for the home.

The more stars, the more comfortable and energy-efficient the home is likely to be.