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Green Star Certification

What is it all about.

Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system.

environment is designed, constructed and operated.

Launched by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2003, Green Star is Australia’s only national, voluntary, rating system for buildings and communities.

Who are the interested parties.

–  Builders and Developers

–  Organisations wanting to future proof their investment

–  Ethical Investment- Superannuation Funds

–  Corporate Social Responsibility reporting requirements (various stock exchanges)

What are the benefits.

– lower operating costs

– higher return on investment

– attract and retain tenants

– enhanced marketability

– productivity benefits

– reduced liability and risk

– healthier places to live and work

– demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility

– future-proofed assets

– competitive advantage

What do we do.

We work with your team to assess and assemble a brief prior to submission to the

Green Building Council Australia for your buildings star rating.

The submission can be document heavy and to submit a conforming application first time will reduce the time and costs, as there are two rounds of submission assessments in the process before a rating is awarded.