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Home Home Energy Rating

House Energy Rating Scheme ( HERS )

House energy ratings

Are carried out by accredited assessors using 2nd generation software.

In Abec’s case the 2nd generation BERS Pro V4.3 software which is applicable to all states.

BERS Pro is a sophisticated computer modelling programme to assess the thermal performance of buildings which can identify simple, economical ways of improving their design.

For the thermal comfort section of BASIX the predicted heating and cooling loads are entered into BASIX and compared with the required targets.

For states other than NSW the star rating (on a scale from 1 to 10 stars) is used.  Many states require a minimum of 6 stars for compliance.

For architects and building designers a house energy rating, at an early stage in the design, is an economical way of checking the design against regulatory standards.  Alternative solutions to your design brief can be assessed, as can alternative materials, shading, glazing etc, and the best solution found.

Identifying problems early, and addressing them on the drawing board, minimises the need for expensive add-ons to achieve compliance once the design is fixed.

Beyond meeting regulatory standards a high energy rating demonstrates you are providing your clients with a more comfortable house with lower running costs and lower greenhouse emissions.

And when selling the home a higher star rating could lead to a higher resale value.