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What is it all about.

ABEC Services utilise the life cycle assessment software developed by eToolLCD. The software produces a comprehensive report complete with comparable sustainable building data with outputs compliant with international standards ISO 14044 and EN 15978.

Now you can obtain for a very low cost a full impact statement of a house, a residential project or a multi stage development and more.

Life cycle Design is also characterised as either cradle to cradle or cradle to grave depending on the objectives.

Who are the interested parties.

–  Builders and Developers interested in sustainable design and its benefits

–  Organisations wanting to future proof their investment

–  Ethical Investment- Superannuation Funds

–  Corporate Social Responsibility reporting requirements (various stock exchanges)

What are the benefits.

– demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility

– future-proofed assets

– enhanced marketability

– lower operating costs

– higher return on investment

– competitive advantage

– attract and retain tenants

– productivity benefits

– reduced liability and risk

– healthier places to live and work

What do we do.

We work with your team to assess and assemble a brief and identify possible savings in construction

and ongoing life costs.


We then undertake a full LCD for the project

Early participation in the project is encouraged to gain the very best results for your project.