Energy Audits / Reduce your energy consumption

Operating from a proven base of more than 10 years in Australia, we can provide energy audits and using our renowned and innovative approach, can provide exceptional cost- effective energy management solutions, producing results that are sensible, practical, implementable, measurable, effective and long lasting.

Utilising a combination of established technologies and several new and innovative energy-management techniques, we enable our clients to greatly reduce their energy consumption, increase their overall energy efficiency and minimise their associated carbon footprint.

Our new and innovative energy-management services include:

  • BOOM (Benchmark, Observe, Optimise, Maintain) Energy Auditing (newly developed energy-auditing techniques, more accurate and more cost effective than conventional methods).
  • EEMC (Energy Efficiency Maintenance Contracting) – new and unique building services maintenance discipline, which creates and maintains optimised energy efficiency of HVAC services in an extremely cost effective way (cost of EEMC is typically only around 10% of the cost of maintenance contracts for HVAC and BMS maintenance).
  • ENEXPRESS – Accelerated Energy Management Training (new approach to energy-management training that provides much quicker, more reliable and more cost-effective outcomes than conventional training methods, customised for different participants – for example, facility managers, HVAC operators, sustainability team, executives and maintenance contractors).
  • SEMT – Site Energy-Management Techniques through documentation and highly customised, short energy-management training for facility managers, maintenance contractors and sustainability personnel.
  • Modification of HVAC Maintenance Scope of Work to incorporate energy efficiency to the required level, not just maintaining and keeping the system running!

These creative services are at the forefront of energy-management innovation and best practice and can be utilised in conjunction with Green Star and NABERS assessments, environmentally sustainable design and reviews, building energy performance modelling and full BCA “Section J” compliance reports.

Who can benefit from our services?

If you consume energy, we can help reduce your costs….in industrial and manufacturing processes, commercial, government and retail buildings – including office buildings, shopping centres, clubs, public buildings, etc

If you want to improve your bottom line, through better energy management, you need to contact us.