About Us

To gain a better understanding of the built environment it was decided to form Abec Services to support the introduction of the building energy and comfort requirements in Australia.

Trained and accredited in

Home Energy Rating                                                                                          NatHERS – Accredited Assessor all states

BASIX    ( NSW Only Requirement)                                                                 NatHERS – Accredited Assessor all states

Section J Reports                                                                                                NatHERS – Accredited Assessor all states

ABSA (Association of Building Sustainability Assessors)                           BERS Pro V4.3-accredited Assessor all states

Design & As Built Sustainability                                                                     Green Star – Accredited Professionals

Environmental Sustainable Design – assessment / Procurement              Ecospecifier – Certified Professionals

Life Cycle Assessment- eToolLCD                                                                                Certified Consultants

Abec Services is a division of AHTT Pty Ltd which was formed in 2001 to service the industrial, food and commercial heat transfer industries. Utilising mechanical and chemical engineers, supported by metallurgical skills. Skills including adherence to quality standards and ethical application of knowledge.

Energy recovery and efficient use of energy has been the bedrock of AHTT Pty Ltd for over 15 years.

It was only natural with now over 70 years of combined heat transfer experience that our attention be drawn to the increasingly important area of climate change.

We offer in summary:

  • BASIX Assessments – for Domestic Buildings
  • Nathers Assessments – for Domestic Buildings
  • Section J Assessments – for Commercial Buildings
  • Green Building Empowerment – Ecospecifier Global Certified Professional Consultancy
  • Thermal Imaging – Domestic and Commercial Buildings
  • 3D Printing Service
  • Onsite Inspections -Including during the build process
  • Evaluation of innovative solutions not currently covered by BCA requirements
  • Energy Rating Advice
  • HERS Assessments
  • Fees Schedule is Available on request